Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New sand table

It all started back in the spring when I suggested to Keith that we make the boys a sandbox.  Keith  We decided against it for a couple of reasons.  And looking back Keith was probably right about the sandbox but he did come up with an even better idea -- a sand table.  And once again, he didn't disappoint.  Huge props to him....he pretty much whipped this up in a couple of hours.  He's pretty talented.  I'm so thankful my boys will grow up learning from him! 
This little table is perfect for little ones to play in.  And comes complete with a lid so we can close it up when it isn't being used.  The boys love it.  We've already logged several hours playing at it.

"thanks daddy"

I think little brother will enjoy it more when he grows just a tad taller...and when big brother learns to share his tractors. We are working on that....daily! 

While they were playing, I checked in on my pepper plants.  Still lots of peppers....but the cold snap last weekend may have finished them off.

And Gra wondered off and found the sidewalk chalk.


And for anyone wondering about the table, it is basically a piece of  pre cut plywood (comes in 2x4 sheets) with 1x4 boards on the sides to box it in.  The legs are 2x2's (we cut our legs 26 inches tall)and he notched out the corners of the bottom piece of plywood for the legs.  He then used another piece of pre cut plywood for the cover - just attached with hinges.  He also built a little ramp on the inside and used a tray for a water corner.  It was all attached with screws, not nails (I was told that was important). We painted it with some spare paint we had.  Added sand and tractors and viola.


Amanda said...

That hubby of yours is so handy! Cute idea and the boys will def be spending plenty of time with it for sure!

Kathy Jo said...

First I will give props to Keith!! What a GREAT table!! I know the boys will love it for years to come!!!

Second, those boys are PRECIOUS!!! Look how tall Graham has gotten! Your pictures always capture the right moment...every one of them tell a story in itself!!

Much love,


Jess said...

What a great idea!! As always the boys are too cute! You and Keith are both so creative!