Tuesday, October 16, 2012

quick little getaway....

We spent last weekend in Hot Springs, AR with some great friends, Lacey, Jared & Jacob.  We had lots of fun and it was so nice catching up with our friends.  And the boys loved getting away and "being on a trip".  We left at lunch on Friday and the trip there was a little less than ideal...to put it nicely.  Keith had been sick all morning, it poured rain the entire time and Graham screamed for about the last hour.  It was actually comical because it was so nuts in our car.  All we could do was laugh.  But we finally made it.  We got there just in time to eat dinner, play for a while and then put the boys in bed.  We stayed up a while longer chatting.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early.  We headed into town that morning.

Sweet brother on the porch of our adorable cabin.  It was really cute and very authentic.

And then little biter goes in for the kill....ha.

This guy is a mess.  He's pretty much into everything.  He found himself a fishing pole on the porch.

Love his little tongue.  He gets that honest...pretty much everyone in my family does this.

There is a place in town called Tiny Town Trains.  It was really neat.  It was all created from junk bascially, cans, saw dust, screws, etc.

All the boys loved watching the trains go around the track.

Then we walked to actually see some of the hot springs.  And they are really hot.  Like 100 degrees.

Then we headed back to the cabin for lunch and naps.

"look at those mountains"

We just spent the rest of the afternoon at the cabin.  Playing outside and just hanging out.

Some dirty little boys by the end of the day.

I have more pictures to share from the 2nd day.  But I figured I'll wait until tomorrow....this was already picture overload!


BeLLa said...

What a fun trip. Cabin was so cute and great views. Gra with his tongue sticking out cracks me up. Xo

Amanda said...

It looks like so much fun! BTW-I love your boots! I need them!

Kathy Jo said...

What FUN!!! I KNOW those little ones had a GREAT time! I know your boys had more fun outside at the cabin exploring than visiting the Hot Springs! :) And I love the cabin!!!! How rustic!!

Can I just say those boys are stinkin PRECIOUS!!! I just love looking at their sweet smiles and bright eyes as they take everything in!!!

Give them hugs and kisses from me, please!!!

Much love