Thursday, October 4, 2012

September phone pics

1. Visiting a house full of girls 2. G's bday party 3. Me and my Grahamy 4. Someone wasn't sleepy
5. bath time with cousin 6. crafting 7. burlap football wreaths 8. brothers 9. who knew a baby doll stroller was so much fun 10. GrandBob & Gra 11. a glimpse 14 years into the future (except Sawyer will never be allowed on a motorcycle. ha.) 12. besties with our littlest boys 13. signature popsy move 14. Nonnie & the boys 15. at the airport...ready to be home 16. I don't think Graham thought this was as much fun as BeLLa & Sawyer did!

1. happy baby with a full belly 2. running errands with my fav 2 yr old 3. work trip: Lake Ozark, MO 4. R&R activity 5. kissing the fish 6. work buddies 7. how Sawyer plays pool 8. really into the AU game 9. thrilled I'm taking their picture 10. planting fall flowers 11. helping water them 12. babys got his glasses on
1. happy mail from BeLLa & GrandBob 2. fun with his game day shaker 3. precious boys in precious outfits 4. before church 5. big boy doesn't need help going up the rock wall anymore
6. big smiles swinging 7. Graham is officially the class biter 8. going for a walk 9. playing outside 10. boys and their cars...another glimpse into the future 11. great way to start the morning 12. at the fair 13. got Graham's bday pictures in the mail 14. coopie dog 15. more happy mail form Nonnie and Popsy 16. flashback to European trip with Ash and Brandy circa 2004


Amanda said...

At first I thought the bathtime photo was Sawyer and Graham-gosh how those Jackson boys look alike!!!!!

BeLLa said...

Truly.....CraZy BeAutiFuL LiFe.....

Kathy Jo said...

I always look forward to the end of the month for your Phone Pic Post!! Love taking a look at your month with those precious boys!!!!

Much Love!!