Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trip to the fair...

Fairs just scream fall to me.  And I'm ready to embrace this season and all the yummy, cozy, happy things that it brings.  So, I am welcoming October with open arms!

It was neat thinking back on our trip to the fair last year.  It's always fun seeing how much the boys have grown and how our little family has changed.  And this trip was lots of fun.  Even if the bottom dropped out as we pulled into the parking lot.  But we waited it out and headed on in to meet up with our friends, The Odom's.  It was such a fun night....I only wish we could have stayed longer.  But I knew it was time to leave when Sawyer was asking to go home.  :)

Much like last year, the highlight was probably the animals.  Sawyer was precious pointing them all out and telling us the noises they make.

Sweet little Graham. ;)

Most of the animals are either pregnant and/or have babies during the length of the fair.  These piggies were so cute.  Saw's favs were the piggies and the sheep.  He would have loved the horses and cows but sadly we didn't make it over to that barn.

In the petting zoo.  Sawyer wasn't quite as fond of all the animals freely coming right up to us.
Graham has no fear.

And one of my favorite things about the fair is the ridiculously fatty fair food.  We all shared some corn dogs and fries. 

We played some games.

And even did 1 ride.  The Fun Slide.
I thought Saw might get a little scared climbing up the stairs and at the top but he loved it.  So much that he immediately said let's do it again (even though I told him the whole way up that we only got to do it once) and then started screaming when we told him no.  Good times.  It was pretty soon after that when he decided he wanted to go home.!

But we did get Allison to snap a family photo before we left.  And I just realized we were all in stripes.  Ha.

Sweet friend.  Who I need to see again soon because I still haven't gotten to hold sweet little Ella, who snoozed through her entire 1st trip to the fair. :)

Hoping we can plan another fun fall outing this weekend to the pumpkin patch!


Amanda said...

So fun! I lvoe the family pic of everyone is stripes!

Kathy Jo said...

Oh what fun!!!!! The pic of little Graham in the stroller grinning is just PRICELESS!!!! And he looks JUST LIKE KEITH in this picture!! I would love to know what Sawyer was thinking while holding his little doggie he won...precious!!!

So glad you guys hung out with the Odoms...what a wonderful long-time friend! and little Ella looks just like Allison!!

Much love to you all!!!

Our Southern Front Porch said...

We had sooo much fun! Looking forward to making this a tradition....one that hopefully doesn't include rain :)