Monday, October 8, 2012

voice of an angel

Happy Monday morning!
Thanks to good ole Columbus I'm home today with my babies.  We had a great included our first fire of the season (it dropped into the 30's Saturday night...brrrr), another AU loss (sad...), decorating for Halloween and a trip to the pumpkin patch. 
But I promise there is no better way to start your week then watching the video below.  Sawyer has started singing all the time.  And I'm amazed at all the songs he knows.  Below he is singing his ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle.  A few other favorites include Jesus Loves Me, 5 Little Ducks and If You're Happy and You Know It.  I have a feeling I'll be doing lots of video because I never want to forget how sweet his little 2 year old voice it.  Or the way he says "Tinkle" instead of "TWinkle" or "wuv" you instead of "love" you and "wike" instead of "like".  Because I know I'll blink and he'll sound totally different.
He really like his milk.....
Seriously, is that not the sweetest voice you've ever heard?!


BeLLa said...

so, so sweet and i'm so glad you are videoing these moments. the only thing sweeter would be to hear him singing in person......yay! XoXo

Amanda said...

Yes! The most precious little voice!

Kathy Jo said...

This makes my heart melt!!! He IS SUCH a sweet boy!!! I can't wait to see more!!!

Much love!