Wednesday, November 14, 2012

bedtime routine

I meant to write a post Monday and then Tuesday and well, here it is Wednesday.  Keith's been out of town so I haven't had a spare moment or a spare hand for that matter.  And I recently mentioned slowing down a little to really enjoy this time of year....and I'm doing that.  And some weeks that may mean less blogging and I'm okay with that!

Recently, I forced asked Keith to capture the night time ritual that Sawyer and I have seamlessly worked ourselves into.  Sawyer always wants me to lay with him and read him a book, then sings songs, and then say our prayers. Which obviously I love doing.  And this kid is so dang smart.  I'm amazed everyday at all he knows...colors, numbers, shapes, opposites, letters, songs, etc.  He says the most hilarious stuff.

This is about the only time Sawyer still truly wants me.  99% of the time he wants his daddy.  And I'm okay with that.....I know little boys need their daddy to learn from and Sawyer (and Graham) is blessed to have such a great one.  But thank you God for little brother who still prefers me or I may be crying in a corner somewhere.  Ha!

He loves his books.  And he pretty much reads them to me because he has his favorites memorized.


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Kathy Jo said...

Oh Tiff! Those sweet pictures make my heart just smile!!! And that FIRST picture...what a precious little face!!! I pray that this little "ritual" you have continues for a long, long time.

Much love to you all!!!

Please give those precious little ones a hug and kiss from Nonnie!! I love them and miss them so!!!