Monday, November 19, 2012

Curio Cabinet Makeover

My sweet Momo and Pop bought us this curio right after we were married and living in our first home in Atlanta.  So, it is very special to me.  But I've been itching for a change.  I knew I could never get rid of it because it holds too much sentimental value.  So, that left one thing...painting it. 
I LOVE the way it turned out and smile every time I walk by it.  And Keith even admitted it looks great.  And he was very much against painting it!
Here it is before.

I basically followed this tutorial.

all primed.
{Saw helped me tape off the mirror...hence all the million pieces of green tape.  I was just happy to have a helper!}

and painted

We moved it inside to finish the last step.  Mostly because the temperature dropped dramatically.  And Keith went out of town and I wanted to finish it and set it back up.

All finished.

Love how it turned out.  It's amazing what a little bit of paint can do.


BeLLa said...

Tipper ~ The curio makeover is awesome. You inspire us all to reclaim and update those special pieces of furniture. I know Momo will love the new look too! Xo

Kathy Jo said...

Tiff!!!! That is beautiful!!! It really gives it such an ole, loved look!! I know Momo will love it!!

Much love!!!