Monday, December 31, 2012

A merry little Christmas

I am officially coming off of my holiday high.  My mom and Bob (the last of our visitors) left this morning.  I have so much to share.  We had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful week following with BeLLa and GrandBob.

Let's start with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve was a little touch and go if I'm being honest.  The turning point was when I came home from running a few last minute errands and found Sawyer in the closet playing with things he shouldn't have seen until Christmas morning, if you get my drift.  The boys were just out of sorts - both had colds, were tired, etc.  The rest of the evening included some biting, some discipline, new Christmas jams getting peed on, etc., etc.  It was eventful; allthought the pictures below tell a different story.  Keith and I went to bed late that night laughing at how hysterical the entire day had been.  And both commenting that we know someday we'll miss these days of having little bitties.

But Christmas day was the opposite.  It was slow and relaxing and cozy.  And all I hoped it would be.

Decorating cookies for Santa.  Sure hope Santa likes sprinkles.

fried turkey with yummy sides for Christmas Eve dinner.

Opening gifts from their aunts and uncles on Christmas Eve.  My boys are so blessed with awesome aunts and uncles.

Putting the special Santa key out.

Putting out cookies for Santa...and eating some too.

Christmas morning -- Ready to run into the den and see what Santa left.

Saw  helping daddy open his gifts.  He is such a little helper.  You guys should have seen him helping take down the decorations.  It was the cutest thing.  He kept saying "need some help with that" "good job mommy" "here, let me help you".  Precious, precious.

Christmas morning family photo.

Cooper getting some special loving.  Graham is pretty much obsessed with dogs.

Spent the afternoon playing....

We ended Christmas night by baking a birthday cake for Jesus. 

It truly was a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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Kathy Jo said...

Of all the "stuff" that happened, those boys could not be CUTER!!! Seriously, the blessings flow when they say things, do things, and just love on you and all that "stuff" goes away!!! What a great thing you do by blogging and printing it for them so those memories are cherished for years to come!!

Love you and Merry Christmas!!!