Friday, December 21, 2012

More visitors and more Christmas

My Dad and Kathy came last weekend to visit and celebrate Christmas.  We had the best time with them!
 (thanks Whit for Graham's adorable outfit!)
They got the boys a trampoline and they are in heaven.  Santa is going to have a hard time topping that.  Matter of fact, I'm not sure he will.  Ha.
I think Saw loved assembling it almost as much as he loved jumping in it.  He's such a big helper!

Graham gave up and just hung out on his tricycle and watched.

They've begged to jump everyday since.  Thankfully, the weather has been mild enough that we've been able to at least sneak outside for a few minutes.

We are so blessed with a great, big loving family.  We've pretty much been celebrating Christmas the entire month.  So, it wasn't just gifts from Nonnie and Popsy -- they (we) opened gifts from Momo, Pop & Jane, Ms. E and Mr. Joe, Sunny & Larry, Melissa, Jay, Georgia, Matthew & Andrew.  Thank you all for all the wonderful, thoughtful gifts! Lots of presents and lots of love.  We are so grateful.

We have a new family member.  Saw named him Mickey.  And how adorable is this fish tank!!!

And then my camera broke.  And my dad and I spent an hour trying to fix it with the help of google.  Unfortunately, we couldn't but it's all good because I ordered a new camera and it showed up today.  I'm so excited!  Although, I wasn't necessarily looking to get a new one I definitely had gotten my moneys worth out of my old one and it was time for an upgrade.  So, Merry Christmas to me! 
Anyway, we had the best time with Nonnie and Popsy and hope they come back very soon!
I'm so looking forward to the next few days with just my little family. 
Celebrating what is most important ~ Jesus and each other!  

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Kathy Jo said...

We had SUCH a GREAT time last week!!! To spend time with the boys is always fun, but now that they are older, it just seems to get more fun watching them!!! Sawyer is just growing up so fast and is so smart and just soaks everything in and little Graham is right behind him...but seems to be a little more laid back! I miss them so much when I leave and I am already looking forward to our next trip out!!!

Miss you and Love you all!!!