Friday, December 7, 2012

November phone pics

1. Before dropping Saw off at school and heading to B'ham without him 2.  Getting read to board our flight to Bham 3. pushing a baby 4. with one of my favs 5. with 2 of my favs ready for Christmas Village 6. one of my favorite days of the year 7. my two best girls 8. buddies 9. having coffee with my dear friend 10. meeting Hollis 11. visiting with Amanda and loving on Hollis 12. text I got from Keith about his day with Sawyer. :)

 1. frequent flier 2. opening some happy mail from BeLLa 3. 1st day at new school -- biter report 4. wagon ride 5. testing out the lawn mowers 6. lunch date with the hubs 7. getting a push 8. what's playing 9. he holds my hand and my heart 10. crafting 11. sink bath 12. silly boy

1. relaxing 2. Thanksgiving advent calendar 3. road trip food 4. pit stop 5. breakfast date 6. cuties 7. checking out BeLLa and GrandBob's new bed 8. Sharing breakfast 9. Thanksgiving 2012 10. Thanksgiving decor 11. trip to the Dentist (Mickey too) 12. cruisin'

1. family time 2. choo choos 3. cousins 4. great morning 5. with Nonnie and Popsy 6. making a wish 7. sweet cousins and friends 8. Bass Pro Shop fun 9. with Aunt Sarah 10. Breakfast of champions 11. my seestor 12. ready to kick off December


Kathy Jo said...

AAAHHH...always look forward to the month recap!!! I can't wait to see what December has in store!!!

Much love!!

BeLLA said...

all of the pics are wonderful and special, but for me the one that brought a chuckle was the text message from Keith. Haha!