Tuesday, December 4, 2012

this years trip to the tree farm

Since December officially kicked off on Saturday, so did our advent calendar and day 1 was opening a present.  I'm so excited for the boys to have have their own nativity set that they can play with.  It's so cute to hear Saw tell me about baby Jesus, the wise men, angel, etc.  Although right now he's partial to the donkey.  Haha.

We headed to the Christmas tree farm after church on Sunday.  Although it was a bit warm for December it was a beautiful day.  Last year it was so cold - you can read about last years trip here and the our very first trip here.  Quite the tradition we have going.

Sawyer found a stick and "pow pow" every tree he saw.

Boys and tractors...

Helping carry some branches inside.  And please notice his work gloves he's wearing.  Just like daddy.

All that fun wore someone out. 

We are almost finished decorating.  It's been so fun to see the boys so excited about the trees and lights.  And Saw keeps telling me they are "booful". :)  And good thing I don't mind hanging ornaments because I get to do it every day as their favorite thing is to take them all off.  Over and over and over.

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Kathy Jo said...

Wha a fun Christmas you will have this year!! Sawyer is at such a wonderful age to enjoy everything around him this year...and Graham will follow big brother! You are providing them with such a firm foundation in the real reason for Christmas!!

Much love!