Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Visitors and Christmasy fun...

Keith's parents came for a visit last weekend and we had a great time doing all sorts of Christmasy activities.  The boys loved having them around to play with and I was able to work on a few Christmas presents.
Saturday morning we headed to the local Christmas parade. It was Disney/Mickey themed which was a hit because there was lots of Mickey's.  The boys loved the fire trucks, tractors and horses.  But I think Saw's favorite part was all the candy.  He kept stuffing it in his pockets.  It was hilarious!

Then Satruday night we headed to Rhema to look at the Christmas lights.  This has become quite the tradition.  Saw loved looking at them all and Graham was just happy to be there.

Waving at Santa.  He prefers him from afar.

The boys got lots of Christmas goodies from Grandmama and Granddaddy.

This tricycle was the favorite.  Both boys love riding it....and are learning to share.

And we even snuck in some crafting...we made some ornaments.
It was a nice visit and we are so glad they made the trip out to celebrate Christmas with us.  We have several more visitors lined up this month.  Busy, busy.

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Kathy Jo said...

So much fun!!! The parade looks AWESOME! I know Grandmama and Granddaddy had a GREAT time with those sweet boys!!! I can't WAIT til it's our turn!!! :)

Much love to you all!! and counting the days!!