Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BeLLa & GrandBob visit

So, I'm finally getting all the pictures up from when my Mom and Bob came to visit.  They got here late Christmas night and stayed a week.  As usual, it flew by, but we had a blast!  And have the pictures to prove it!
We did our Christmas with them and they also brought gifts from my sweet Granddad and Mary.  They boys were spoiled for sure.

Saw's big present was this adorable little grill.  He's been serving me hot dogs every day since.

And Graham got this motorized police motorcycle.  So much fun.  But really everything they both got this year they are both able to play with and enjoy (when they aren't fighting over it).  Ha.  We are really working on sharing this year.  If Saw understood New Year's resolutions, I think that would be his.  :)

They were even kind enough to help us take down our Christmas decorations.  It was really cold so little brother had to watch from inside.  Big brother kept coming and waving at him.

Bob also treated the boys to their first hockey game.  They both loved it!  We had a great time!!

His cuteness kills me.  Seriously.
Saw was in heaven...he loved it.

He loved the french fries too.  He gets that honest.

The boys also got their very own hockey sticks, pucks and a little Tulsa Oilers bags.  They've been hitting playing with these ever since. 

family pic before church

Sunday afternoon we did some crafting.  We made some snowflakes.  We made them to send to the Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Project (elementary school from the CT shooting) but once I went to mail them I saw the project was closed because they received so many.  But it was the thought that counts, right?!  And now I have some cute snowflakes in my house.

And then we said our goodbyes. 
It was an awesome visit and we enjoyed having them so much.  And hope they come back very soon!


BeLLA said...

We had so much fun. Saw & Gra are so precious and betimes were especially sweet. Just wish time wouldn't go by so fast (and the weather could've been a tad warmer). Thanks for all of our goodies! LYM~Xo

H2's Mommy said...

Where are my goodies? Love all the pics! Sad that I didn't get to see yall, but will soon! LY