Thursday, January 10, 2013

Graham || 16 months

Dear Graham,

Or should I say dear bubba, as this is what you are called 75% of the time, especially by Sawyer. You are 16 months old.  And there is just something about you.  I can just look at you and see your little grin and my heart soars.  You are so full of life and just pure joy.

You love being outside - although we haven't gotten to be outside much lately because it's been so cold.  But you will stand by the door and whine to go out.  You crack us up with your dancing, which consist of you spinning in circles.  Books are your favorite thing.  You go pick them out and bring them to us and crawl in our lap so we can read together.  You are also obsessed with dogs - Cooper and strangers...doesn't matter, you love them all.

You are great eater - some meals even eating more than your big brother.  You aren't picky but some of your favorite foods include spaghetti, cinnamon rolls, carrots, pancakes, bananas, cheese and nilla wafers.  You also LOVE your milk, are drinking it all day long.

You are a good sleeper (most nights).  You go down around 7:30 and get up around 7:30am.  But you are flexible so it changes some depending on what we have going on.  You take 1 nap after lunch - for usually 2-3 hours.  You let me rock you for a few minutes at night, sometimes you fall asleep and sometimes you don't but those few minutes of snuggling are some of the best minutes of my entire day.

You are wearing mostly size 18 month clothes.  Size 4 shoes and size 4 diaper.  You still only have 7 teeth.  You are starting to say some words.  Dat (that), milk, choo choo, bubba, dog, and uh-oh.  You are 32 inches tall and weigh 24lbs and 10 oz.  We had your 15 month check up this week (a little late) and got a healthy report.  Praise the Lord!

You are so sweet.  You give the best kisses.  You are fearless and just a tad defiant.  You know what no means but usually don't listen.  You are also really tough -- guess that comes with the little brother territory.  All I know is every ounce of you is pure preciousness and we are so blessed you are ours!

All my love, little brother!

Some pictures of you at 16 months old: 


BeLLA said...

He is preciousness for sure...time please slow down.

Brandy Fountain said...

I love this post. So sweet. G reminds me more of my G for some reason :).