Tuesday, January 22, 2013

outside boys

It's no secret my boys love outside.  And I love taking pictures of them, especially in their element.  So we were all happy when it warmed up this past weekend and we were able to spend some time on our swing set.  It's amazing to watch them grow and see them start being able to do things on their own.  I'm so thankful for slow afternoons playing with these sweet boys!



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Kathy Jo said...

I am loving their haircuts! and WHEN did they get soooo big!!?? I knew that you guys would be outside if the weather let up like it did here. I CANNOT WAIT for you guys to come home so they can enjoy our new little toy!!! I KNOW they will love it!!!

I am sure all you heard on that beautiful day was two sweet voices yelling "OUTSIDE"!!!!! Love it!!!

Much love to all!