Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday {a blanket and a rocker}

Obviously I'm thankful for the precious sleeping angel but also for the special blanket covering him.  My Momo has made each of my boys a blanket like this.  They are so special to me (and them).  I know so much love and time went into each stitch.  They are truly beautiful and I'm so thankful they will have these forever.
My Momo finished it months ago and I've been wanting to get some pictures of Graham with his blanket.  Well, after many failed attempts because the boy just won't sit still, I finally decided I'd have better luck with him sleeping.  Ha.  But there is nothing sweeter.
And just in case you want to look back here is Saw with his blanket.

And I love that this picture includes our rocking chair.  This chair is very special too.  It was my great grandmother's.  I'm pretty sure my Granddad was rocked in this chair as a baby.  And both my babies have been rocked in this chair many of nights -- I still rock Graham every night.

 Such treasures!

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