Thursday, February 21, 2013

Choo Choo Party || Sawyer's 3rd birthday celebration

The main reason for our quick trip to Birmingham this past weekend was to celebrate our 3 year old - choo choo party style.  I've known for a couple of months that the theme would be choo choo's because that is Sawyer's favorite thing in the world.  He will literally play with them for hours and even sleeps with them!  Our house is turning into a train depot!

Of course I browsed Pinterest for some ideas and most of the inspiration for the party decor came from a few pins.  This one and this one specifically and then also from other random places online - google and etsy.  Saw was really excited about his choo choo party and we all had a great time!

It started with the invites.  I browsed etsy for ideas and then created the below.  It has become tradition to include a picture of them on the back of their birthday invitations along with their life verse.

And now for some party pictures.

UGH - why are family pics impossible!?!

The birthday boy....(who really needed a haircut...or at least a trim ;) !)

I LOVED seeing all these kiddos sitting at the table together.  This may have been my favorite part.  I love all these babies so much and it was so fun to see them all together.  A few of the smaller ones who aren't quite big enough to sit aren't pictured.

Some of the party guest...sadly, I didn't get pics with everyone. 

An attempt at most of the kids together.  This picture cracks me up.  Graham is obviously not happy.

I loved planning Sawyer's 3rd birthday and I loved getting to celebrate him and all the joy he's brought us all in 3 years!  So blessed by that boy!

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BeLLA said...

Saw's birthday party was awesome! Your babies will have the best memories of their parties because you make them so special. The pic of all of the kids was hysterical and I'm still laughing. Xo