Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jan phone pics

In the middle of Feb. -- better late than never...
1. love having my boys playing up under my feet 2. enjoying a warm day 3. tough guys and their blankies 4. brothers in the bath 5. bad dog 6. doughnuts 7. play date with Allison and Ella 8. worn out from the playdate 9. ice cream 10. working his choo choo puzzle all by himself 11. cruising 12. precious little brother 13. reading books together 14. new scarves from Nonnie 15. Yappy Barkday to Cooper

1. mail from Harper 2. precious angel 3. gift from Bob 4. jumping in the leaf piles 5. cinnamon roll pancakes 6. "low how big i am" 7. 15 month check up and shots 8. laughing about stepping in dog poop
9. jumping 10. playing hide and seek...I found them 11. quick work trip to ATL = dinner with Jon and Sarah 12. learning to lead 13. spreading some love in our home 14. pup 15. I "moustache" him to stop being so cute!

1 comment:

Kathy Jo said...

YEA!!! Phone pictures!!!! <3

I always love the many faces of the boys!!

Sawyers slide face in 3; Grahams sheepish smile in 4 while feeding Coopie; Sawyers posin' smile while eating ice cream in 9.

That precious toothy smile in 2; Sawyers BIG laugh (I remember what happened in that one) in 8; their brotherly laugh in 10.

AND love that you had dinner with Jonathan and Sarah!!!!!

Counting the hours!!!!
Love you much!!!