Monday, February 4, 2013

no sleep and brushing teeth

Oh these boys.  They've been giving me a run for my money lately.  Mostly little brother because he is not sleeping at all good.  I think we are in an 18 month sleep regression.  Who knew that existed?!  Either Sawyer didn't experience it or I blocked it from my memory because it was so horrible.  Graham was a newborn when Sawyer was 18 months old so the no sleep could just be running together?! 

  My mom originally stumbled on this concept after doing some research.  I think my early morning gripe fest call of my child doesn't sleep, I don't know what is wrong with him, I'm so tired, wah, wah ,wah prompted her.  So she sent me some article about it and I dug a little deeper and it seems this could very well be what is going on.  That along with teething (I swear the child has been teething for 2 months and still hasn't gotten a new tooth!) and ears that still bother him make for long nights.

He goes down okay but wakes a few hours later inconsolable.  And then starts the cycle of rubbing his back, rocking him, offering him a drink, bringing him into our bed (don't judge!), watching tv, anything we can think of to get him to sleep.  In the 2 weeks this has been going on we've figured out that we basically just have to get him up and let him stay awake for 1-2 hours and then he'll finally let me rock him back to sleep.  We've called the Dr., we're trying an amber teething necklace, and last Friday we bought a new crib mattress. The necklace seemed to help for 1 night and then we were back to the same.  He slept all night Friday and Saturday on his new mattress and we were convinced we solved the mystery.  But as we were sitting in the den this morning at 2am I realized that must have just been a fluke. 

But nothing last forever and I know this too shall pass.
I have a canvas in my bathroom that says "Joy comes in the morning".  It is a beautiful reminder.  There may be pain (weariness) in the night but JOY comes in the morning!

And because I can't post without including some pictures.
Here are the boys brushing their teeth.  Together.  They've been doing a lot together lately. 
And seeing them form their bond of brothers and friends is precious.


Amanda said...

So very sorry these past few weeks have been rough! I totally understand the whole not sleeping thing now more than I ever did before and hope that it passes soon so little buddy and mommy and daddy can get some sleep!
Love you and praying for a restful night!

Kathy Jo said...

Oh I am so sorry! I just hate that he (well, all of you) isn't sleeping good! What a long day that is for you!

BUT look at those sweet pictures!! I MEAN...can they be twins in the third and fourth pictures!! NEVER did I think they look sooo much alike!!! And Sawyer looks so happy that Bubba is brushing too! Just love those sweet boys!!!

Much love to you all!!