Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sawyer's 3rd birthday

We had such a nice day celebrating Sawyer's birthday ~ just our little family.
 I snuck in his room to snap one last sleeping shot of him as a 2 year old.

He was really excited to wake up to balloons and us singing Happy Birthday.

Doughnuts for breakfast....and candles....and another rendition of Happy Birthday.

We headed to church and then out to lunch.  He wanted cheese dip, which wasn't a hard sell.  We all love some cheese dip.  We also played him his Captain Zoom birthday CD on the way to church.  He loved it.  He kept asking us to play it over and over.  He wanted to bring it in and play in on the computer.  And he requested to hear it again today.  It's the cutest little birthday song.
After lunch Saw had a few presents to open.  

Another choo choo from us.  It was all he asked for.

BeLLa and GrandBob sent a few goodies.  One was a Thomas plate and bowl.  Y'all he's obsessed with trains and especially Thomas (and all his friends).
Birthday dinner -- he requested meatloaf, carrots, green beans and bread. 

And cupcakes.

Can't leave out little brother....he enjoyed all the celebrating too.  Especially the cupcake part!
I'm still not sure how he's already 3.  But I'm sure it's been the best 3 years of my life!

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BeLLA said...

What an awesome birthday celebration. With your superb photography skills and 'Facetime' it was *almost* like being there. Can't wait to celebrate again this weekend. Xo