Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2012 blog book

And once again, I'm reminded of why I continue to blog.  Blogging can be quite time consuming but it's important to me so I make the time.  Some weeks more time than others. ;)
I love when these books arrive.  It's so fun to take a trip down memory lane.  
And it's always amazing to see how much the boys have changed.


I use Blurb and couldn't be happier. 
It's really easy to format to the layout I want and the quality is great.


BeLLa said...

Another year of fabulous memories captured....Such a great legacy! You might want to start ordering two books. Xo

Kathy Jo said...

What a special book to capture the lives of The Jacksons! I agree, but I think three books should be ordered...one for you, one for Sawyer and one for Graham. They will cherish these for years to come. And I know their families will one day love to look at them!

Much love to you all!!!