Friday, March 15, 2013

crib mattress to window seat....

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about Graham not sleeping.  And how we were trying everything, including buying a new crib mattress.  Well, I'm happy to report Gra is sleeping better (although I don't think it's because of the mattress).  And an entire guest room makeover stemmed from that new crib mattress.
Basically, his old mattress was foam (not springs) and we hated to just throw it away.  Keith had the idea to use it between the windows in our guest room as a window seat.  Um, yes please.  The boys will eventually share this room and I am envisioning the cutest little reading nook for them.
So, Keith built a little bench and I made a cover for the mattress and viola....a window seat.

This is what it looked like before....these first couple of pictures were taken with my phone so poor quality.

these two busy boys have loved helping their daddy with a "project" and have loved climbing and playing on this little bench.

Still want to add a few little pillows but I love how it turned out.
 And after this was done we decided we needed new furniture. 
We just finished getting the guest room back together....and just in time, because the Boland's are arriving tomorrow for a Spring Break visit! 
So, those pictures coming soon.


Kathy Jo said...

This looks AWESOME!!!!!! I bet Heni could sleep here!! Her "special bed" at Tiff's!! :)

I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!!

Much love to you all!

Amanda said...

Such a cute idea! And I love the fabric!!! ya'll are too crafty!

Allison said...

What a great idea, and you two are so crafty! Have a great week with family!

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