Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break...part 2

More spring break pictures.

We headed to Chuck E Cheese.  This was actually the first time the boys have been.  They loved it.

Graham loved this big truck.

Until we put a token in and it started moving.  Ha.

Bowling....and all learning to share.  Well, except Harper.  She's so sweet and has that mastered.  The other 3 are getting there. ;)

Graham's favorite part...ha.

The girls loved Chuck E.  The boys...not so much!

We also attempted a group shot of the 4 kiddos.......

I love this pic that my sister took.

Thursday, we headed to the Bouncy Barn and Chick Fil A.  Which is where the epic meltdown occurred.  I'm pretty much trying to erase that lunch from my memory. :/

The kids loved the Bouncy Barn.  And Gra thought he was big stuff once he managed to climb up this slide....and then go down backwards.

Time for a trim....which has already happened. 
Their hair grows so fast and I like it long so I just barely want it trimmed above their eyes.  So I do it myself and it's hard.  Sawyer is getting better because he will sit and watch a movie while I do it.  And the obscene amount of candy I give him helps.  Ha.  But Gra is a different story.  He's at that age where he does NOT want to sit still....not even for candy or a movie.  And he tries to grab the scissors....nothing like a good challenge.

Re-fashioned Toms.  Shan and I both had a pair with holes so we covered with some chevron fabric.  We also should have taken a picture of us sewing/monogramming because we sat up every night doing that.  It's always more fun staying up late crafting with someone else....especially your sister!  And it was the only time we got any peace and quiet.  ;)

Group shot of the Spring Break 2013 crew.
 It was seriously a blast.  Although it ended with a trip to the Dr -- Graham had strep.  It was pitiful...probably picked it up at all those germy kid places we hung out at all week.  ;)  But praise the Lord for antibiotics.  He's fine now.

And we have another visitor arriving this afternoon....BeLLa.  We are so excited!

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Kathy Jo said...

What a packed week you all had!!! I am sure the pictures only tell a little about the fun you all had!!

Counting the days!!!!

Much love to you all!!