Friday, April 26, 2013

Digging in the dirt.

I've been wanting to share these pictures all week but life just hasn't allowed.  The week took a turn for the worse on Tuesday when I left work early with a stomach bug.  It got really bad when Saw got the bug at 2am Wednesday morning {in my bed, practically on my face!}.  It was a rough 2 days.  And Keith was out of town so I was managing all this alone.  Graham had a little bit of an upset tummy last night but seems to have avoided the worst of it.  But he's got some drainage, coughing going on that isn't allowing for a lot of sleeping because it gets worse when he lays down.  Poor buddy!

So, we are looking forward to catching up on some rest this weekend.  And I'm looking forward to having dinner with some friends tomorrow night!!

We finally planted our garden last weekend.  I only snapped a few pictures because then I had to keep the boys from destroying the plants before they even got planted!

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