Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April phone pictures

Well, April came and went....and here we are in May.  Crazy how fast time flies!

1. sweet note my mom left me before our NYC trip 2.  belated birthday celebration for daddy at our fave Mexican restaurant 3. afternoon with our boys 4. girls dinner with some sweet friends

1. walking with BeLLa 2. our sad goodbyes 3. choo choo obsessed 4. we hit a rough patch with the sickies 

1. bubbles 2. favorite time of day 3. because playing on it the right way is no fun 4. petting zoo 5. sweet sleeping angel 6. cuties after bath 7. making cookies and licking the batter 8. my bed buddy when daddy is traveling 

1. who stole my baby 2. with my boys 3. Dr. Graham 4. name train 5. yummy 6. boy in a tree 7. up to no good 8. sewing summer shorts

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BeLLA said...

April was a great month, especially for me since I was able to go out and visit for a couple of weeks. The boys are changing so fast and I love how they're alike in many ways yet they have their own little precious personality. Miss you all bunches! Xo