Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This and That

Thank you so much to everyone who called, texted and emailed to check on us after the devastating tornado that hit our state on Monday.  Thankfully we are safe and fine.  But my heart is broken for those that lost so much and especially for those families who are putting their lives back together without their babies.  I honestly can't even imagine dropping your child off at school and then never seeing them alive again. 
But I am praying so hard for everyone affected!

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit
Psalm 34:14

These boys are a mess.  Everyday they are becoming better buddies and together seem to be getting themselves into a lot of mischief lately.  I'm a little terrified of the future.

Sunday morning before church, Keith was in the shower and the boys and I were in the play room playing.  They were playing nicely with their cars so I decided I would run to the kitchen really quick to clean up from breakfast.  From the kitchen I could hear them laughing and thought to myself, man they are being so sweet together.  Then I walked back out to the playroom and couldn't believe my eyes.  They were standing in a sea of broken glass, giggling.  They had taken 2 Auburn snow globes (that have been sitting in the same spot for 3+ years and they've never even paid them any attention) and thrown them and broken them.  There was glass, glitter and water everywhere.  Yep, they are a mess.

Look at Graham's face....doesn't he look like he's up to no good?! :)

Sleeping pictures are so precious.  It makes them seem so little and sweet! Ha. :)

It's no secret Sawyer is a fan of the movie Cars, the characters and the actual cars.  He asks for new one about every day.  The other morning he was asking for the white one and I told him he already had a lot of cars and he should appreciate those.  He replied that he did and he would really appreciate the white car.  Ha.  Funny guy.

I created a sticker chart to reward Sawyer for good behavior.  This way he has to earn new cars. 

Saw had a dentist appointment yesterday and did so awesome.  He's really becoming a big boy.  The last 2 visits he would barely open his mouth.  This time he let them clean his teeth and floss them.  I was SO proud!

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