Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekend Getaway || Great Wolf Lodge

So, we headed to Kansas City last weekend for an annual work event I have every year.  If you are interested, you can see the last few years here and here. We stay at an awesome hotel -- Great Wolf Lodge -- that has an indoor water park.  And there is lots of free time so it's always really fun.

The boys loved it this year.  This was really the first year they loved going down the slides.  Mostly, just the kiddie ones.  Although Sawyer did go down a big one with Keith but I'm thinking he didn't love it because he didn't want to do it again.  Ha.  And also, my Dad and Kathy met us there this year so that made it even better.  They were a huge help watching the kids for us during some of the work events and we all loved spending the weekend with them!

Gra looks like a little old man here with his hands resting on his belly.

What they are watching in the previous picture.

Why does he look 10?!?!

Despite his face here, I promised he loved it! 

Yes, that is a bruise between his eyes.  He's a wild one!

It was lots of fun and we are already looking forward to our next visit!


BeLLA said...

the boys are adorable - love, love their hair. i know they had so much fun. it really is a great place for a family vacation. i love how saw was holding gra's fingers in the 2nd pic. and i knew from the look on his face that the big bucket was about to spill. Xo

Amanda said...

so adorable! We will def have to make a trip there some time when H gets bigger! I cant' get over how big Gra looks....I'm in love with that pic of him going down the slide!

Kathy Jo said...

What a GREAT time we had!!! I love to see each one's personality coming out!!! It just amazes me that Graham has no fear and Sawyer is right behind him! I just love those boys!! The play time and snuggle time was the best!!

Give them hugs and kisses for me!!

Much love to you all!