Thursday, June 27, 2013

Graham || 22 months

Dear Graham,

Hard to believe we are so close to "2"!  You literally become more boy and less baby every single day.  Right before my eyes.  You are certainly a strong willed child...and at 22 months your stubborn tendencies are obvious.  But you continue to be such a giving little boy -- always wanting to share whatever you have or (most of the time) happily give your brother whatever you are playing with if he wants it.  Which is often because you both tend to want what the other one has.  We are continually working on contentment and sharing around our house.

You are starting to talk more and more and it's so much fun to hear you say new words.  More than I can keep count of.  And you are starting to string multiple words together -- "what's that" "dada's truck" "mama c'mon" are just a few.  You are very smart and you pick up on everything.  Your eyes are constantly on your big brother watching his every move.  You two really are becoming best friends and I pray you boys always realize how special it is to have a brother and never take each other for granted.

You are still a good eater.  Some of your favorites include: mac and cheese, any kind of cheese really, tacos, spaghetti, pancakes, bananas, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, apples, ham, hot dogs, popsicles and chicken nuggets.  You love your milk but you especially love wawa (water).

You weight around 30 lbs and are around 34 inches tall -- best guesses though because honestly I haven't weighed you lately.  I tried to measure you the other night on your growth chart and you were wanting nothing to do with that.  You can be quite opinionated.  You are wearing mostly size 18-24 month clothes.  You wear size 5 shoe - soon to be size 6 - and size 5 diapers.

You go to bed between 8-8:30 and wake up between 7-8 depending on the day.  You take 1 nap a day usually for 2-3 hours.  I wouldn't classify you as a great sleeper but I know it could be worse.  I still rock you and read you a few books every night before I lay you down.  This is pretty much the only time you are still.  You now have 12 teeth and a couple more look like they are going to pop through any day.

You love being outside, you love playing with cars and choo choo's, you love jumping on the trampoline and playing on the swingset, you love watching Bob the Builder, you love "pooper" (Cooper) and all animals especially dogs, you love wearing hats and sunglasses.  You love puzzles, books, bubbles and blocks.

You are so full of energy.  You are a handful and into everything.  And you have the cutest grin and most mischievous look.  But everything in life is better because of you.

I love you, bubba.

You weren't really into this photo shoot....

true life

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer List || bird feeders

So, last weekend we checked another item off of our summer list -- making bird feeders.

This was a quick, easy activity which tends to be what my boys prefer at this age.  And it wasn't too messy which is what daddy prefers. :)

And clothing is optional around our house in the summertime....if you're 3 and under. ;)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Beating the heat...

It was hot last week and weekend.  Like upper 90's already.  So we bought the boys a new inflatable pool.  They were so excited about this pool, you would have thought we were getting a real pool.  Ha.  But I let Sawyer help me pick this one out online and he wanted to look at the picture on the computer everyday until it arrived.  It was so cute.

And they spent so much time in it last weekend, I think we already got our moneys worth.  And we still have a lot of summer left.

The pictures speak for themselves but they LOVED it!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

pictures from Father's Day

We had a really low key Father's Day at home.  Which is exactly what Keith said he wanted.  We just hung out around the house.  Spent lots of time playing outside and just enjoying some good ole family time.

We hope Daddy felt loved on his special day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy = BIG blessing

I don't post about Keith a lot.  Mostly because he prefers I not and I respect that.  But I'm going to today.

My boys are so blessed to have him as a daddy.  And I'm pretty sure they've already figured that out because he is hands down their favorite person.  Don't get me wrong there are times when they want their mama but 95% of the time they want their daddy and they want him to do everything for them (get their milk, take them to potty, put their pj's on, and this list could go on and on -- it's kind of a joke around our house).  I'm talking he is the first person they want to see every morning when they wake up.  They ask me everyday when I pick them up for school if daddy is home yet.  And who can blame them, he's pretty great!

He is so sweet to them.  Always teaching them how to do things and letting them be his helpers with whatever he is doing.  He takes them to get donuts on the weekends and to the big store (Wal-Mart) to pick out surprises.  He lets them wrestle all over him and puts their train tracks together with the coolest designs.  He pitches in with dinner, laundry, bathtime and heck he practically does all the cleaning.  He is such a great dad and is molding our boys in such a positive way.  I'm so thankful for the example they have in him!

And he's a pretty awesome husband!

We all love him.  A LOT!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday funday

Everybody loves Fridays.  But they are especially fun for Sawyer this summer.  Every Friday is water play and ice cream day.  Whohoo.  They are also going to have theme days on Friday depending on what they are learning each week.  And today was also rodeo day ~ complete with peanut tossing, barrel racing and more fun rodeo games.  And he sported his best rodeo gear.

He wasn't so sure about being a cowboy. 

I know, I know...most cowboys wear jeans and boots -- but it's about 98 degrees here today and we couldn't get the boots over his wide feet this morning.  Ha.  So, waist up he's a cowboy.  And he's sporting band aids and bruises from the waist down. :)

Couldn't leave Bubba out -- he looks like he's ready for the beach.  And he looks older and taller and less babyish.  Nooooooo........

But precious, none the less.

We are ready for a fun weekend and to celebrate Daddy on his special day!  Even though Sawyer already told him what we bought him.  Kid can't keep a secret.  It's actually pretty hilarious.  We went to get him something the other day and the boys helped pick it out.  And as soon as we got home and saw Daddy, Sawyer said "Hey Daddy.  We bought you a surprise for your special day.  Want to see your new shirt?"  You can't help but laugh.....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

baseball game outing

So, I've been wanting to blog about our baseball game outing from last weekend....BUT I lost my memory card with all my pics on it.  Ugh, SO upsetting.  I'm still hopeful it will turn up.  The good news is that I clean off my pictures and update here pretty regularly so it was really only the pics from the game.  And some videos from the last couple weeks.  But still, sad!

The below pictures are the few I snapped with my phone.  And Keith took the one of me and my boys.  We had a great time.  The boys loved it.  They mostly loved the playground at the stadium and the food.  But it was a really fun way to spend a Friday night.

This is a picture of the back of my camera that I took Friday night driving home from the game because I love this picture so much. 
Bubba eating dipping dots.  Kid is a mess!!

Monday, June 10, 2013


I chopped my hair last Friday. I've been agonizing thinking about cutting it for a month or so.  It had gotten so long and I knew I either needed to take a couple inches off or just go ahead and chop it and donate it.  I decided, what the heck, it's for a great cause and it'll always grow back.  It has to be at least 10 inches to donate to Lock of Love.   

I was surprisingly more calm about it than I thought I would be.  I think my Mom was anxious enough for the both of us. Ha.  I was ready for a change!

This is right after he cut if off.  Wow....

During the process....

Ended up being closer to 13 inches cut off!! 

A good comparison of before and after.

I'm still getting used to it but I have no regrets! :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I can't get over how these look EXACTLY like them.  I mean, obviously it is them but I just wasn't sure how they would turn out.  They are so precious and I'm hanging them big above our mantle!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

May phone pics

 1. weekend at great wolf lodge 2. boy were excited about the water park 3. balloons! 4. with nonnie and popsy 5. dinner at trex 6. arcade fun 7. great wolf lodge 8. reading books together
9. 2 little monkeys
 1. & 2.  teacher appreciation week - sweet treat {donuts and cookies} 3. teacher appreciation week - "you are just write for me" 4. teacher appreciation week - M&Ms for being marvelous and magnificent 5. teacher appreciation week - "you are scentsational" 6. little boy 7. My Sawyer 8. My Graham 9. heart breaker 10. wishing my mom a happy mother's day 11. with my boys on mother's day 12. figured out the water hose
1. neighborhood watch 2. cars, cars, cars 3. praying after the devastating tornado's hit OK 4. big boy at the dentist 5. savoring the moment 6. flashback with Whit and our boys 7. gearing up to go fishing 8. fishing 9. hanging with Al and E 10. heading to church 11. park fun 12. preparing our safe spot during more storms

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sawyer and Graham monogrammed clothes

I'm linking up with Kellys Korner in case anyone is interested in buying any Sawyer or Graham monogrammed clothes.
I have Graham clothes sizes newborn-18 months.
I only have a few Sawyer things size 24months/2T.  I've already sold the smaller sizes.
If interested leave a comment and I'll get in touch with you and send pictures!