Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy = BIG blessing

I don't post about Keith a lot.  Mostly because he prefers I not and I respect that.  But I'm going to today.

My boys are so blessed to have him as a daddy.  And I'm pretty sure they've already figured that out because he is hands down their favorite person.  Don't get me wrong there are times when they want their mama but 95% of the time they want their daddy and they want him to do everything for them (get their milk, take them to potty, put their pj's on, and this list could go on and on -- it's kind of a joke around our house).  I'm talking he is the first person they want to see every morning when they wake up.  They ask me everyday when I pick them up for school if daddy is home yet.  And who can blame them, he's pretty great!

He is so sweet to them.  Always teaching them how to do things and letting them be his helpers with whatever he is doing.  He takes them to get donuts on the weekends and to the big store (Wal-Mart) to pick out surprises.  He lets them wrestle all over him and puts their train tracks together with the coolest designs.  He pitches in with dinner, laundry, bathtime and heck he practically does all the cleaning.  He is such a great dad and is molding our boys in such a positive way.  I'm so thankful for the example they have in him!

And he's a pretty awesome husband!

We all love him.  A LOT!

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BeLLA said...

Your post is a great tribute to an awesome daddy and husband. Hope y'all had a great weekend celebrating him. I adore the picture and the poem. Xo