Sunday, July 14, 2013

My birthday || Big 3-0

So, last Tuesday was my birthday.  A big one.  3-0.
Seems's just a number but I definitely don't feel 30.
It's mind blowing how fast time flies.
Remember when I was thrown an early surprise party back in February?

But I had a really great birthday.
I woke up to my boys singing Happy Birthday and bringing me breakfast in bed.

I took the day off because who wants to work on their birthday?!  Keith also took the day off so we could spend it together as a family.  We took the boys to the splash pad that morning and they loved it.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out at home relaxing.
We went out for dinner.  And snapped some pictures before we left.
Everyone was super thrilled about that!

Real life, people.  Someone is always aggravating someone.

We went to dinner at Pei Wei.  And while it was delicious it was totally not worth it.  Ha.  The kids just weren't filling it, didn't want to sit still and barely touched their food which led us to the Chick Fil A drive thru on our way home.  Eating out with small children is challenging to say the least.  I did enjoy my leftovers the next day in peace. ;)
Makes for funny memories, though.


They were, however, feeling birthday cake as soon as we got home from dinner.

I'm so blessed and I know this year is going to be a great one!


BeLLA said...

So glad you had a great birthday - wish i could've been there! do you think the boys love playing in water? gra + his tongue = adorable! Xo

BeLLA said...

p.s. You look fabulous!