Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pictures from the weekend with BeLLa, Sarah and Jon Jon

I was going to split up our weekend in several posts but to keep from falling behind I decided to share all the pictures at once.  So, consider this your picture overload warning.

We had a low key day Friday. The girls went for pedicures, the boys went to the driving range and we all lunched together at Chick Fil A. We came home to let the boys nap and headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for an early birthday dinner.  Sadly, I got no pictures from the day.  Maybe a few from my phone that I'll post here in my monthly phone pics.

Saturday, Keith and Jon headed to play golf and the rest of us headed to the zoo.  It was lots of fun. We all especially loved the choo choo ride.  We spent several hours walking around looking at all the animals.  Then we picnicked in the shade before heading home to let the boys nap.  It was such a nice morning.

Graham's "cheese" face below is cracking me up!

We spent lots of time just hanging around the house.  Uncle Jon Jon was especially good with new track designs.  Must be the engineer in him. ;)

We made cupcakes.

Coop enjoyed having his best buddy visiting too!

Saw was introduced to an iPad.  He's a fan. We are probably the only people on the planet who don't own an iPad.  Ha. 

We took lots of pics after church on Sunday.

And we spent Sunday evening just playing out on the patio.  Bubbles and chalk.

We took several walks.  This was our last one and Coop was worn out from all the fun.  He was basically dragging behind as soon as we started out.  So we put him in the stroller and they all rode together.  It had us cracking up.

It was such a fun weekend.  Lot of memories and lots of laughs!  I'm so grateful they all made the long trip out and we all miss them and hope they come back soon!


Kathy Jo said...

I Love picture overload!!! Looks like a lot of fun was going on!! :) I can't wait!!!!

While I love Graham's "cheesin", Sawyers looks like "cheesin - uh huh, whatever - got stuff to look at"!! HA!!!

Much love and counting the hours!!

Amanda said...

Love these pictures and so glad that they were able to come help you celebrate your birthday weekend! Wish we could have been there too!

I'm in love with your blue and white pants...I die! :)