Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer night...

So, that unintentional blog break was brought to you courtesy of 3 things: summer, Downton Abbey, and the age of 3.

1. Even though we don't get a typical summer break things just still seem more relaxed.  We spend most of our evenings and weekends outside soaking up all the daylight we can and have gotten a little more lax on bedtime.  So that hasn't left much time for me to be in front of the computer.

2. We started watching Downton Abbey and I'm hooked.  We don't watch much tv but I've been wanting to start some type of series.  Well, now every night after the boys are in bed all I want to do is watch this show.

3.  The "terrible two's" weren't so bad around our house.  But, the "terrible three's" may kill us. ;)  This too shall pass, right?!   

Last Saturday night we headed to the park and to get some shaved ice.  Last minute I grabbed my camera and I'm SO glad I did.  I seriously got some of the sweetest pictures of my little brother boys!!

My heart EXPLODED when I captured this hug.  We are usually witnessing more shoving than hugging so this was super sweet!

This hand holding was requested but the fact that they actually did it and did it nicely is practically a miracle!  And I'm totally in love with this shot.  Their little strides are even identical.

Love the JOY on their faces.

Mr. Independant insisted on doing it himself.  Thank God for stain remover. ;)

It was a perfect summer night!


Kathy Jo said...

My heart just SMILES when I see those boys!!! What wonderful pictures you were able to get!!! I wish I could say I had a favorite but they are all my favorite and some are going in frames at my house!!!

But the pic of Saw crossing the monkey bars with Daddy's help is day he will be doing it himself but Daddy will always be there to catch him. Priceless!!!

Love to you and those precious boys!!!!

Allison said...

Love that 1st picture. So sweet! I love having girls so close in age, wish I could have had another close to our baby's age! We are doing 3 too, and it can be crazy some days:)

Amanda said...

Such sweet pictures of the I smell Christmas cards pics?! :)

I dont' even understand how you have time to think, much less be crafty and a be such a great mom! I only have one and still wonder where the time goes!!