Monday, August 26, 2013

Celebrating our 2 year old..

We have a big birthday party planned for Graham for this weekend.  So, we kept it low key on his actual birthday last week.  We started with a family breakfast at Waffle House.  Then just Graham and I spent the whole day together.  It was really nice to spend some one on one time with him, especially on his special day.  Then we ended the night with pizza and cupcakes at home with our little family.  It was a great day!

He was so excited about his cupcakes and presents.  He kept saying "up akes, up akes".  It was the cutest!

Aren't big brothers the best?!  hahahaha
Graham really does think so even if his face doesn't look like it. ;)

This pic is so pitiful (but also a tad funny).  Saw was pretty bummed out that it wasn't his birthday and he wasn't getting any presents.  We told him he needed sit and watch Graham open his presents and be happy for his brother.  So he sat there and tried his best, but couldn't quite hold back his tears.  But don't feel too bad for him, we had a little tiny surprise for him too.

It was just a great day spent together celebrating our baby turning 2!


Kathy Jo said...

I just love the pictures...until I saw the last pic and it breaks my heart!!! I'm crying for him!!! and want to just grab him and hug him!!!! :(

I know sweet Graham had a fun and exciting exciting to spend it alone with Mommy!!!!!

Much love and COUNTING THE DAYS!!!

eronmiller said...

Happy Birthday Graham!! Both of your boys are so precious!!