Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ella turns 1

We also recently celebrated another birthday.  Our friend, Ella, turned 1.  And her mom and my sweet friend, Allison, threw her the sweetest, most magical tea party.  You all know I love a good party and honestly believe it's all about the details.  Well, Allison didn't miss one.  Seriously, everything was so adorable and w had the best time helping celebrate Ella's first year!

Not going to lie...I was a little nervous about my wild boys around the china.  Thankfully the only thing they broke was a bubble wand.

Ella's dad, Jacob, said the most meaning, heartfelt blessing before we ate.  It might have been my favorite part of the whole morning!

This was attempt number 1 at a pic with my boys.  And we can't go anywhere without taking at least a few cars along.

Ella was a little slow digging into her cake but it didn't take her long. She loved her it and was so cute!

Checking out some of the decor...

With my little loves!

My sweet friend!

And of course we were sent home with the cutest most delicious cookies!

It was such a fun morning and we were so glad we were able to celebrate with our friends!!


Kathy Jo said...

First of all...what a beautiful birthday party fit for a princess!!! The decorations are beautiful!!! But Ella out shines those decorations - what a BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL!!!!! It's hard to believe she is ONE!

Second...those boys are just precious! I know they enjoyed the tea party!!!! special is it that you and Allison were such special friends growing up and now you are together again! Im so glad that you guys have each other!!

Much love and counting the days!!

Our Southern Front Porch said...

love the pictures tiff!!! thank you for sharing!! also I agree with Kathy, it really is sooo special to be able to spend time with you and have our families become friends! The Odoms really do love the Jacksons!

And I still have some questions for Keith regarding who broke the bubble wand :)