Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July phone pics

Welp, another month has come and gone.  I can't say I'm that sad...since we are closing in on fall and I love me some fall!!

Below is the monthly round up of July pics via Instagram

1. sleepy heads 2. enjoying a cookie 3. soaking everything...including himself 4. SURPRISE visit from mom, Jon and Sarah 5. fireworks 6. sparklers 7. beep beep 8. firework fun with Unclud JonJon 9. My birthday celebration 10. zoo crew 11. love these peeps 12. dirty feet = signs of a good summer day

 1. snuggles and books with BeLLa 2. birthday wishes with my buddies 3. shaved ice with Nonnie & Popsy 4. Chuck E Cheese fun 5. more fun at Chuck E Cheese 6. water and trampoline fun 7. Happy Birthday to Popsy 8. iHop breakfast 10. bowling fun 11. grocery shopping date 12. summer snacking

1. At the Movies Series at church 2. Sweet sleeping Sawyer 3. Daddy's helper 4. Worship night at church 5. He insisted on the boots and monkey hat 6. heading to the park 7. little brother problems 8. so proud of his frog hat

1 comment:

Kathy Jo said...

As always, I love reliving the month with the Jacksons!!! This always makes me smile at all the fun you guys have!!

Much love!