Thursday, September 12, 2013

Graham's mustache bash {2 years old}

I've been trying to get this post up all week.  Life has been extremely busy with work and traveling and planning and just everyday stuff.  But better late than never!

We went back to Birmingham over Labor Day weekend to celebrate with a party.  I've decided that as long as we live away from our family that we'll make trips home to celebrate the boys birthdays.

The theme for Graham's 2nd birthday party was mustaches.  And I loved it.  Was so much fun to plan.  And mustaches are in right now, so there was no problem finding lots of good stuff.

We had it at a little bounce place, which is also where we had Sawyer's 2nd birthday party.  All the kiddos loved it.

Here are some (okay, lots) pictures.

I loved planning this (and all) parties for my boys.  Keith teases me that I go too over the top.  But I actually love doing it and all the details.  We had so much fun celebrating our baby turning 2!!

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