Friday, October 4, 2013

Disney World: Hollywood Studios

I should probably start all these recaps by saying that I had pretty low expectations about this trip.  The boys are still very young and I wasn't sure how they would react to the characters, rides, really just the whole experience.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised with how well they did!!

Friday was our first full day and we headed to Hollywood Studios.  We had a breakfast reservation at 8am to dine with some of our favorite Disney Junior characters.  It was a fun experience.  Sawyer wasn't really a fan of meeting all his Disney friends.  He didn't mind them from far away but he defintely wasn't dishing out hugs or high fives.  Graham on the other hand LOVED it.  He was the cutest thing going up for autographs and talking to them and hugging. 

Leaving our hotel Friday morning.

Most of the pics from breakfast are of Graham.  Only because Sawyer preferred to observe from the corner of our table.

Saw looks thrilled, doesn't he?!

Meeting more characters after breakfast.

Toy Story ride.  Probably our favorite.  Sawyer and Keith rode twice because Sawyer loved it so much. 

Enjoying a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.

Despite these pics not showing it, Sawyer loved seeing McQueen and Mator.  We are CARS obsessed around our house so this was a very big deal!

Stunt show was a big hit.  The boys loved watching all the cars and motorcycles.  And the Lightening McQueen appearance.

Family pic before we left.

We stayed until about 3pm.  Graham napped in the stroller.  Sawyer napped for a bit when we got back to our room.  Then we headed over to the boardwalk for dinner.

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Kathy Jo said...

What a fun day!!! For those reading, I think I have to agree that the "fanny pack/hipster" was well worth it!! HA!! Who knew they would come back in style!! HA!!

I am still amazed at the sweet looks on their faces when they saw something new...from the characters to the shows! But Sawyers look and AWE of the Cars was priceless...his sweet mind was just like WOW!!!!!

Another fun day!!!