Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Disney World: Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom was up next and was my favorite park/day.  We got there pretty early and were able to hit up a bunch of lines.  We really got lucky the entire week and didn't have to deal with big crowds.  We never waited longer than 15 minutes or so for any ride.  I can't imagine going during peak season. Ha.
Mickey left the boys little notes and surprises every night for them to find when they woke up.

Yep, totally rocked a fanny pack and I actually kind of loved it.  Ha.

My mom made them these precious smocked t-shirts and they turned out so cute!

Turning the corner and seeing the big castle for the first time. 
Also, I'm not sure why we took a double stroller.  Sawyer rode in it maybe a total of 30 mins.  I guess it was helpful to carry our stuff.  ha.

Dumbo ride was probably our very favorite ride.

The boys loved making pressed pennies at every park.  Nonnie hooked them up with a little penny/quarter carrier so we were always prepared.

On the choo choo -- another favorite.

We headed back after lunch to nap.  And then we came back to the park later that evening to ride a few more rides and catch the parade and fireworks.  Well, the weather wasn't great and it was rainy but we decided to just tough it out.  We got really lucky and the rain stopped but it was pretty wet.  So, they cancelled the parade.  The fireworks were still really awesome.  It really is so magical!  I didn't have my camera though, because it was wet and rainy.  I got a few pics with my phone (hopefully I'll get those posted soon!). 
Overall, this was my favorite day.  And I think the boys liked this park best too because there were so many rides that they could do.  We all loved it and had a great time!

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Kathy Jo said... favorite part of this day was when they got off the cars and Saw RAAAAN into my arms and told me about it!!!!! Those boys are simply precious!!!

I really hated that it rained but the day was great!!

Much love!