Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snow day{s}

We had our first big snow of the year last week.  So we spent the morning doing some Christmas crafts.

Once the snow stopped, we headed outside to burn off some energy.

Sawyer loved being outside and stayed out for a really long time.  Gra and I headed in after about 15 minutes.

The following day we headed sledding.

It was a pretty big hit.  Everyone loved it.

Graham was about done by the picture above so he and I headed to the car to warm up while Saw went down a few more times.  Sawyer loved it so much that him and Keith even went back for more the next day.  We enjoyed a few days of being "snowed in".

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Kathy Jo said...

Pictures say a thousand words, but these say millions!!!! What precious pictures of family fun!!!! I can only imagine that Sawyer was all about being outside...he did a GREAT job shoveling show! And how much snow DID you get??? That pic of snow up to Graham's knees is adorable!!!

Much love!!!!