Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Cooper

Cooper just celebrated his 8th birthday.  With a major surgery! :(  Poor buddy!  It started last Monday morning when he got strayed by a skunk.  Not the best way to start your week.  We (Keith) bathed him as best we could and went on with our day.  When we got home Tuesday we realized he had thrown up.  We thought it was because the smell was making him sick.  He acted really funny overnight on Tuesday and threw up again Wednesday morning.  But we honestly kept thinking it was probably because of the skunk smell, which was pretty terrible.
But, when I got home Wednesday I knew immediately something was seriously wrong.  Like I thought he was maybe dead.  He didn't even move when I walked in the door.  I immediately called Keith and just started crying.  Then I called the vet.  They assured me it wasn't the skunk and I told them well it was something because he was not right.  Keith took him to the vet an hour later.  Turns out he was in critical (I'm talking hours away from death) shape because he had bladder stones.  One had lodged in his urethra and he was unable to urinate.  So he was basically being poisoned and that's why he was throwing up.
They drained his bladder and stabilized him.  Then did surgery the next morning.  They removed 4 stones from his bladder.  He came home the next day.  And we are still on the road to recovery.  And he's on a strict prescription diet, forever.  But he's doing much better.  It was awful and we are so, so glad our Coopie dog is going to be around to celebrate many more years!!!

The first day home.  He was SO pitiful!

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Kathy Jo said...

Poor Coopie!!!! This just makes me sooo sad!! I hope he feels better and is back to normal soon!!

Much love and hugs to Coopie!!