Thursday, April 17, 2014

24 weeks

How far along? 24 (25) weeks - 24 weeks by my original calculations but they moved my due date up after my ultrasound so really more like 25.  But I'm going to keep track by my original weeks.
Total weight gain: Well, I had my dr. appt yesterday and I'm up 19 lbs total so far.  I feel like this is pretty consistent to my last 2 pregnancies.  So, I'm hoping to finish out with a total gain of around 35 lbs.  I'm trying not to stress out and just enjoy and embrace this time.  You only get to be pregnant a few times, right?!
Stretch marks? still none...I think it's more genetics but I'm a crazy person about lathering up the belly.
Sleep: it's pretty's usually not anything pregnancy related that interferes with my sleep.
Best moment this week: hearing her little heartbeat at my dr. appt.
Movement: yep and I love it
Food cravings: frosted flakes
Gender: GIRL
Symptoms: some leg aches
Belly Button in or out? creeping out...
What I miss: not really anything
What I am looking forward to: Easter with my little family, heading to Birmingham next week and then a weekend beach trip sans the boys to celebrate my dear friend getting married!  Lots of exciting stuff!
Milestones: had my sugar test and got my rhogam shot

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Kathy Jo said...

Frosted flakes????? :)

I'm kinda excited about the next week too!!! ;)

Counting the days!!!

Much love to all!