Wednesday, April 9, 2014


that are worth documenting for 2 reasons.
1. This was Graham's very first professional haircut
2. This was Sawyer's 2nd  professional haircut

I've been cutting the boys hair every 4-5 weeks or whenever it's hanging in their eyes.  It has become increasingly challenging, well, actually it has been challenging the entire time seeing as how I am NOT a hair stylist.  And that was more obvious after some cuts than others.  But I'm thinking it may be less stressful for everyone if we start making regular visits to the salon.  

We took them to the lady who cuts Keith's hair and she pulled out the clippers.  I quickly jumped in to let her know we were there for trims only.  She made the comment that maybe having a girl will make me want to cut their hair short.  Ha.  Nope.  I love their hair long and thankfully so do they.  Saw specifically said he didn't want his hair cut short like daddy's.  I'm sure that will change eventually but for now I'll keep my long haired boys! 

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Kathy Jo said...

These are so precious for a couple of reasons!!

1) They are growing too fast for them to be seeing "daddy's lady that cuts his hair"
2) look how still they are!!
3) too cute that they love their hair and don't want it cut short like daddy's!!!


Much love to ALL!!!