Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  And really for several weeks leading up to Easter.  We were really intentional this year about talking to the boys about Easter and what it all really means.  This is the first year they somewhat get it (really just Saw).  We did our resurrection eggs every night and they loved those and we all loved that it told the story of the cross and our Risen Savior!  And we've been having egg hunts for about 2 weeks.  Ha

We actually spent our good Friday having a yard sale.  It was our first one and I'd say it was pretty successful.  We dyed our eggs that afternoon and then enjoyed dinner outside on the patio.  The weather has been so nice lately.

We attended Easter service Saturday evening.  

Not a bad family pic for a tripod and remote.  Ha

My precious little southern boys.  I know knee socks and smocked button-ons aren't everyone's style but, I mean, they look precious!!

And the Easter bunny stopped by

Saw's face kills me.  He loves presents and is always so excited when opening them.

And then we spent some time outside just being together and it was so, so nice!!

I'd say someone REALLY like bubbles!!

I could eat this little cutie up!!

And of course this one too!!

And we actually spent Easter day driving to Birmingham.  We already had a trip planned for this weekend but surprised our family by showing up a few days early.  It was awesome!  And we've been enjoying our week so much!!

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Kathy Jo said...

Love love LOVE these pictures!!! The boys are really growing up too fast!

Much love to you all!