Friday, May 30, 2014

The joys of boys...

I've recently been thinking a lot about my boys and welcoming a sister soon.

The truth is while pregnant with Graham I worried the entire 40 weeks about Sawyer.  About his little world being rocked by a new baby, trying to comprehend how I would ever love another like I did Sawyer, etc.  Now, I know better.  But as with every change there is always a little apprehension.

I've had the privilege of watching them become best friends the last couple of years.  It is by far the best gift I've ever given them....each other.  They are slowly realizing it but I know they will even more as they get older.  They may not always like each other but they will always have each other. 

I've rarely worried this time around about loving another child.  I know now that my heart will just expand.  There is always room for more love.  
It still seems a little surreal that we are having a daughter this time.  I mean everything we know is boy and we are totally living in a boy world and honestly, loving every second.  But we couldn't be more thrilled about a little girl.  And having her shake up our family dynamic.

I am clinging to the last 2 months as this guy as the baby.  I'm excited for him to get to be a big brother. But I also know this time as just us 4 we will never get back.  While my mama heart is ready to be split wide open by a new baby {girl} there is also a tiny corner way down deep that is sad knowing it will never be quite like this again. . 

While I know great, great things are coming, it is also absolutely perfect just the way it is!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

31 weeks

How far along? 31 weeks 
Total weight gain: I'm sure I'm up another couple lbs....... only weighing in at dr. appts.
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: I really can't complain....
Best moment this week: 3 day was such a great weekend!
Movement: yep, she's pretty active!
Food cravings: hmm, not really anything specific
Gender: GIRL
Symptoms: no real symptoms, feeling pretty good.
Belly Button in or out? out
What I miss: nothing at the moment....
What I am looking forward to: maternity leave...hahaha, too soon to be looking forward to that??
Milestones: down to single digit weeks left...Ahhhhh.....

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

A few more pics from our long weekend.....

Annual summer list....a Memorial Day weekend tradition around here.  

Outside water fun

Of course we ate good!

craft time...and donut evidence around Gra's mouth.

And again, his tongue! :)

ate lots of popsicles

Finally ordered some updated pictures and a new canvas

playground fun

shaved ice date with Saw

pallet and movies

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend || Children's Museum

We had the best weekend!  3 days with just our little family spending time together was just what we needed.  We had a perfect mix of going and doing and seeing and staying home and playing.  

We kicked off our long weekend with a trip to the Children's Discovery Lab in Tulsa Saturday morning.  It was our first time and we all loved it and will definitely be going back!!

 We hit up the playground before even making our way inside.  They are always up for a new playground.

This one and his tongue...kills me!

The coolest feature was a tunnel maze and slide made completely out of packing tape.  It was crazy and the boys loved it.  They went through about a million times.

Can you spy 2 little boys running through a tunnel?!

Daddy even tried it out.  Mommy was happy to play photographer (only because climbing and sliding didn't seem like the best idea 30 weeks pregnant).

Then we spent a while in the building room.  Playing with blocks and learning to use a pulley system.

They had a space set up to learn about electricity and build a robot.  Gra lasted about 2 minutes but Saw did pretty good.

The airplane Saw and Daddy built with random parts.  I was impressed and super thankful Keith is smart with this kind of stuff because it is totally not my thing. :)

Such a fun morning!!