Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend || Children's Museum

We had the best weekend!  3 days with just our little family spending time together was just what we needed.  We had a perfect mix of going and doing and seeing and staying home and playing.  

We kicked off our long weekend with a trip to the Children's Discovery Lab in Tulsa Saturday morning.  It was our first time and we all loved it and will definitely be going back!!

 We hit up the playground before even making our way inside.  They are always up for a new playground.

This one and his tongue...kills me!

The coolest feature was a tunnel maze and slide made completely out of packing tape.  It was crazy and the boys loved it.  They went through about a million times.

Can you spy 2 little boys running through a tunnel?!

Daddy even tried it out.  Mommy was happy to play photographer (only because climbing and sliding didn't seem like the best idea 30 weeks pregnant).

Then we spent a while in the building room.  Playing with blocks and learning to use a pulley system.

They had a space set up to learn about electricity and build a robot.  Gra lasted about 2 minutes but Saw did pretty good.

The airplane Saw and Daddy built with random parts.  I was impressed and super thankful Keith is smart with this kind of stuff because it is totally not my thing. :)

Such a fun morning!!

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Kathy Jo said...

HOW FUN!!!!! I KNOW the boys loved it and Daddy looked like he was having fun too!!! SO glad you and baby girl didn't venture to the slide...plenty of time for that!! I am sure that brothers will teach her everything she needs to know!!

Much love to you all!!