Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day

I was blessed with a wonderful Mother's Day.  I'm so blessed by all my boys and especially Keith who is teaching our sons how to treat their momma, especially on her special day.
It's hard to put into words how I feel about these babies. 
They challenge and stretch me in so many ways.  Every single day.
It is hard. Period.
But it is also SO, SO good.
They bring me so much joy and so much love.
And every single part of it is my very favorite thing.
I told Keith for Mother's Day I wanted a few pics with my boys and baby sister belly.  So he snapped these and I couldn't love them more!

Breakfast in bed on my special day.

Showered with so much love from family also.  And so many homemade goodies from school, which are obviously the best kind of gifts!!

It is truly an honor to be their mommy.
I'm grateful every single day that I belong to them.

1 comment:

Kathy Jo said...

You are such an awesome mommy with so much love and patience with those precious boys! I can't wait for sister to arrive and watch them love her!

Much love to all!!