Monday, May 5, 2014

Visit to Birmingham

Two weeks ago we made a trip back home to Birmingham.  This was our third trip this year but also the last one before we welcome our sweet girl so we crammed in lots of family time.
We spent one afternoon with my grandparents.  And despite the boys faces we loved our visit with them.  But they clearly weren't in any mood for a picture.  Thanks guys!

We had a cook out at my moms and my sweet granddad came over and all the kids loved playing with him.

All that fun was exhausting!


I even got to surprise Harper at school and have lunch with her and Henley.  It was so awesome!

And we got to spend time with our best buddies!  5 boys 4 and under.  Whew.  And next time we take a group pic we'll have added a girl.  Crazy to me that we will have 6 kids between us.  Obviously, this play date was exciting!  But we loved it and wish we could do it all the time.

Pic before we handed the boys off to their grandparents for the weekend.
They loved all the time they got to spend with each of their grandparents.  They talked about it all for days.  I'm so thankful they had this time together and that Keith and I got a little weekend away too.  Win for all! 

We loved our time at home so much!

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