Friday, June 6, 2014

32 weeks

 How far along? 32 is that possible?!
Total weight gain: I'm scared to weigh next week at my appt!  I've really been indulging lately!
Stretch marks? still none!
Sleep: the same.  some tossing and turning and frequent bathroom trips but I really can't complain.
Best moment this week: I've only purchased a few things for baby girl and they were delivered this week....ahhhh, the cuteness! (my sister blessed me with tons of girls clothes and shoes and bows, etc. and all of our baby essentials will be just fine for another go around, so we really don't *need* too much!) 
Movement: yes!  Saw has loved feeling her move every night.  He gets so excited and says she is giving him knuckles.  Gra loves it too but he isn't quite as patient as Saw.
Food cravings: donuts and a burger and watermelon
Gender: GIRL
Symptoms: just some back aches...which is mostly due to still toting around 2 little boys quite a bit.  I know I shouldn't but they are so hard to say no to....story of my life! :/
Belly Button in or out? so out - like see it through my clothes out
What I miss: bending over
What I am looking forward to: Hm, we don't really have anything super big on the horizon.  Just enjoying our family time! and some summertime fun activities.
Milestones: just another week closer!

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Kathy Jo said...

I agree!!! 32 WEEKS??? Getting soooo excited!!!!

Hugs to ALL!!