Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Just some random pictures of what we've been enjoying lately....

Baby birds
We've had 2 nest full of eggs this year in our back yard.  Sadly, one nest full of 3 babies didn't make it.  This made me more sad than it probably should.  Keith kindly reminded me that this is how nature works.  But we found another nest a couple weeks later and we were able to watch those babies grow (from afar because their momma was crazy protective) and they flew the coop over the weekend.  Keith practically risked his life for the last picture. haha

Playing outside
We've been lucky and it hasn't been too terribly hot yet so we've been outside a lot.  The play set is still a favorite.  They love for Keith and I to pretend we are the big bad wolf and scare them, which is what was happening in these pictures.  And then some running and racing.  

Anything to do with water, the hose or getting wet is right up their alley!

Brotherly love
Don't mind the clothes hanger - they pretend to play bow and arrows with those....


Coloring and writing

Our favorite right now are our church songs.  These songs are so cute and catchy and of course have the best messages.  Search Children's Ministry Deals on youtube and check them out.

Someone is starting to get little tiny freckles across his nose and cheeks and I'm pretty sure it's my favorite thing ever!!

specifically strawberries.
They are his favorite!

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