Monday, July 14, 2014

37 weeks and a life update

So, I was technically 37 weeks last Thursday but it was a long week and I never got around to posting.  How about some bullet points for what has been going on?!

  • Last Monday I was involved in a little fender bender.  I got rear ended heading into work.  Thankfully the person who hit me was able to slow down a lot so they didn't hit me going very fast.  And there were 5 cars involved so as you can imagine the aftermath has been quite the headache.  Took 2 hours to get the police summary after it happened and I've talked to 3 different insurance companies since.  We are still trying to decide who is liable and working on getting our car fixed.  But you can imagine any kind of accident is still scary when you are pregnant.  I spent 5 hours at labor and delivery getting monitored and everything checked out just fine!  Praise the Lord.  It really could have been so much worse!!
  • Wednesday (as in 2 days!) is my last day before starting maternity leave so last week was my last full week and it was super busy trying to line up the people who are covering for me, etc.  Still have some loose ends to tie up this week but I'm so pumped to start my leave!
  • I had my regular dr appt last Thursday and I haven't made any progress as of yet.  I have been having some irregular contractions so hoping when I go this week I've started making some progress! Gained another lb., blood pressure was good, got another rhogam shot because of the car accident and my group b came back negative.
  • Graham is officially potty trained!  Whohoo -- just in time.  We put him through a potty training "bootcamp" over the 3 day 4th of July weekend.  The first morning wasn't good and I was getting concerned.  BUT, something clicked and he's done awesome since.  Only had 2 accidents all of last week!!  He's still not too sure about going #2 in the big potty but he's getting there.  The downside is Sawyer now thinks he should get a starburst every time he pees in the potty!  Ha.  Whatever...choosing my battles.
  • The "to do" list before baby is starting to slim down.  But feels like every time I check something off I add 2 more things.  Really hoping to finish up everything the end of this week and over the weekend so I can have a few days to rest and going to try and squeeze in a one on one date with each of the boys!
  • Also, on the to do list is replace the screen on my phone.  I dropped it last week and it looks like a spider web.  Sad, sad day.  But, it's just a phone and it can be fixed and I was more upset about it than I should have been.  First world problems....
  • I had a wonderful birthday last week.  I felt loved and celebrated and it was a great day.  Here are a couple pics from the day.  We went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant that we usually visit every Friday.  Well, we found out Wednesday, kids eat free, they have a balloon artist on site and bouncy house.   I mean, pretty sure the boys thought it was their birthday.  Ha!   My birthday wish was that my kiddos always want to help me celebrate and blow out my candles!

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Kathy Jo said...

WOW!! Already time for maternity leave!!?? I can't believe how time has flown...little Baby Jackson will be here soon and I am soooo excited!!! As usual, you are glowing and your mind is racing...enjoy these last days with "the boys" cause in a week or so, it will be "the boys and baby"!!!

Much love to all!!!